Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon UK Reviews

The decision to have plastic surgery shouldn’t be undertaken lightly so looking at the best rhinoplasty surgeon UK reviews will help you choose with confidence.

No matter how long you’ve wanted to have a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little anxious.  That’s why it’s extremely important to work with a plastic surgeon you like and trust, so that you know you can go ahead with your treatment in complete confidence. Seeing the results your surgeon has achieved for other people is all part of the decision-making process which is why we seek to provide access to reviews and case studies on all the treatments we offer.

MPS- Among the best rhinoplasty surgeon UK reviews

Mr James Murphy at Manchester Plastic Surgery is building a strong reputation as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the UK and has a large volume of reviews and case studies which will help you see his extensive track record.  He has carried out thousands of rhinoplasty treatments in his 20+ year career, and experience counts, particularly when it comes to plastic surgery.

In our nose job gallery, you can see pre-op and post-op photographs of the results he’s achieved for a number of patients.  We also have an extensive set of rhinoplasty reviews which former patients do not want us to share publicly, but which you can see when you attend your initial consultation.  Our rhinoplasty reviews cover all types of nose job for both men and women, addressing issues such as a humped nose and flared nostrils.

In addition, Mr Murphy is a regular contributor to Real Self where he answers questions about all aspects of plastic surgery.  On this website, men and women across the world put forward questions which are then answered by Real Self members, Mr Murphy has answered a myriad of questions relating to rhinoplasty and breast surgery in particular.

If you’re looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon UK with reviews, then take a look at Mr Murphy’s profile on Real Self where you will see there are nearly 200 reviews from patients past and present, with an average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  Here, patients talk candidly about their experience of plastic surgery with recent comments like ‘should have done this years ago’, ‘my breast augmentation looks very natural’, ‘excellent and skilled surgeon and ‘exceptional work, life changing experience’.

Many patients helpfully share their thoughts and feelings about their surgery in their posts and receive comments and questions from other people who are considering similar procedures.  It’s interesting and helpful to read these direct questions and answers as they give you a patient’s perspective of the experience of plastic surgery.

This is just one of 50+ reviews from a rhinoplasty patient:

“After seeing several surgeons from some of the 'high street' chains of plastic surgery. I was left feeling concerned and that they didn't quite get what I wanted and a lot of the method and processes they described (or lack of) left me feeling very uneasy.

“I then had a consultation with Mr Murphy who was the complete opposite. I had found someone who actually knew what he was doing and had done this operation 'thousands of times'. I left the consultation having complete confidence in Mr Murphy. His manner and understanding of my requirements was spot on.

“The operation went really well. Mr Murphy and the staff at the Spires were amazing and ensured my well being was priority at all times.

“The results of the surgery are amazing , I have lost the 'boxy tip nose' that I've lived with all my life and have the beautiful nose I have always wanted. Yes it does hurt and the recovery was painful at times but this was only for a couple of weeks and was without doubt worth it.”


See before and after photos of rhinoplasty on our website or visit Mr Murphy’s page on RealSelf to read about other people’s experiences with Manchester Plastic Surgery.

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