How to minimise the risks with facelift surgery

All surgery carries an element of risk.  Whether you are considering having a facelift or any other elective procedure, it’s important to be fully aware of the risks so that you can make an informed decision about whether surgery is right for you.

There are three main risks which are specific to facelift surgery:


  • Haematoma – an accumulation of blood under the skin.  Most haematomas are simply uncomfortable but do disappear after a few days, though in a few cases they become large enough to compromise the surgical stitches and therefore require medical intervention.


  • Nerve injury – if the facial nerves are injured during surgery you can experience a floppy cheek, droopy mouth or issues with eye closure.  Whilst these problems are usually temporary, they can occasionally be more long-lasting.


  • Infection and reaction to anaesthesia – as with all surgery, there is a risk of reaction to anaesthesia.  This may be slight nausea through to, in rare instances, more serious conditions. There is also the risk of infection to the surgical site.


Whilst the above risks cannot be ruled out, they can be minimised by choosing to have your surgery undertaken at an established practice with a firm reputation, like Manchester Plastic Surgery.


Our surgeons, Mr James Murphy and Mr Adam Goodwin, both have many years of experience in the NHS and in private practice and work alongside an equally experienced and dedicated team to ensure the very highest standards of clinical care. 


We are based at the Spire Hospital Manchester and have access to state-of-the-art clinical facilities and the very best rooms and amenities for patients, all designed to help you feel at ease and to ensure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible.


Our approach is based on a foundation of openness and transparency so you will find that we discuss all aspects of your procedure, including the risks, during your initial consultation.  


So, as well as getting our expert opinion on the results that could be achieved with facelift surgery, we will cover the various considerations that must be taken into account, including risks.  


It is extremely important to us that you have complete confidence in us - and open and honest discussions are all part of the way we do things - from communicating the potential risks of surgery through to giving you an honest opinion about what results you can expect to see.


Many patients have told us how much they value this approach as it enables you to make a balanced and informed judgement about whether surgery is right for you.  


To take your next step in your facelift journey, please book an initial consultation.

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