Meet Adam Goodwin, our facelift specialist surgeon

Adam Goodwin is our specialist in surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.  He’s the surgeon who will guide you through any face-related treatments, from dermal fillers through to face lifts.  Here he tells us more about his fascinating career.


Why did you want to become a surgeon?

As a child, I just liked fixing things. I always wanted to do medicine, as I loved how the body worked and I guess i just put the two together. I have always wanted to put things back together, the smaller and the more intricate, the better.  

What attracted you to plastic surgery in particular?

Obviously the above, but also it tends to be the most delicate and accurate of all the specialties. When I think of surgery, I don’t think of wearing wellingtons and hitting things with hammers. I think of watchmakers and detailed sculptors. 

What is the main challenge with face lift surgery?

Doing the right operation for the right patient. Too many treatments are one size fits all and that is far from the case. Face-lifting surgery is about restoration of form and function. Making you look like a better you, not an off the shelf result.

What qualities do you think a face lift surgeon should have?

Attention to detail, an eye for the subtle, a balanced viewpoint and to understand what makes people, motivates them and what they want, even when sometimes they are not sure themselves. I suppose insight into people generally. 

What are the main concerns of patients who are considering facelift surgery?

People often aren’t informed enough. We have two groups, the well-read and well informed who ask about complications and experience and outcomes, and people who just don’t want to know. It is the second group that are harder because you have to get it right all of the time for them, as that is all they expect.

How do you make people feel at ease?

I have a pretty laid back, easy going style and I am the same with everyone, high profile clients, theatre staff, cleaners, the whole hospital. Everyone I meet come to think of it. I then know that everyone gets the real me and I can replicate that every time. It minimises confusion and ambiguity that way.

What do you consider to be a good result?

A clear step back in time without any of the signs of a surgical result. Of course this is an ideal, if you look hard enough you will see signs of all surgery but I want it to be pretty hard to find the signs. Everything should look natural. Good plastic surgery doesn’t make you stop and look, it strolls past you without you really noticing.

How is face lift surgery/techniques developing and how do you stay ahead of the curve?

I go to two or three facelift meetings a year and it's funny how ideas arise, are the latest thing for a year and then go again. Sometimes it pays to be just behind the curve. Let other people make the wrong decisions or mistakes and let them tell you about them next year before you start something new. 

Have there been any particular career highlights?

My facial reanimation trips to India were a particular highlight. 

We used to go every year to a place called Anandwan, a leper colony set up in the 50s that turned into a haven for anyone in central India with a disability. It is still a leper colony of sorts, but takes in anyone in physical need. We would go annually, and I travelled six times from 2011 to 2017. We would do burns surgery, hand reconstruction, facial reconstruction and re-animation and congenital defects. We would do between 60 and 80 operations a year and often we would start a treatment plan for complex cases one year and return the next to finish off. It was as part of a charity called Hands for Life. 


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