What are moles and how are they removed?

Most people have some moles on their face, neck, and body.  They form from collections of cells known as melanocytes which produce the colour in your skin.  Moles come in various guises – they can range from a light sprinkling of brown spots to dark patches of skin that stand up from the surface; they can be brown, black, red or blue, smooth, wrinkled or flat. 

In most instances, moles are nothing to worry about, but you can have mole removal surgery if you feel they are unsightly, if they are an annoyance when they catch on clothing, or if you’re worried about them becoming cancerous.

Mole removal surgery involves a local anaesthetic which numbs the mole and surrounding area before the mole is removed with a scalpel.  If the mole is suspicious, we usually take away a little of the surrounding tissue too, just to make sure it is completely removed, though moles of no concern can usually be removed without additional tissue to keep scarring to a minimum. The procedure takes around 20 minutes per mole, though this will depend on the size and location of each mole, of course.

You’ll leave the hospital with a light dressing on the wound which can usually be removed after a few days.  You shouldn’t experience any pain but will be prescribed medication to ease any discomfort when you return home. You may find the skin itches a little as it starts to heal but this usually settles quickly.  

The wound area may scab at first but will then be a deep shade of pink, fading to light pink and then to white over time.  Eventually, the scar should be barely noticeable.

The stitches will dissolve by themselves, so they won’t need to be removed, but you’ll be invited to attend a follow-up appointment around 10 days after surgery. If your mole has been sent it away for testing we will contact you as soon as we get your results, usually within a fortnight. 

Our surgeons are highly experienced so minimise the size of the incision and place stitches carefully so that treatment is as hard to notice as possible once the wound has healed.  

To find out more about mole removal surgery, please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation with a member of our surgical team.

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