What Is The Cost of A Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

For some people it’s lumps and bumps, for others its size - whatever you dislike about your nose, rhinoplasty surgery may be an option you wish to consider. When researching what is the cost of a nose job, it’s important to look at what’s involved in rhinoplasty surgery so that you know you are making the choice that’s right for you.

Here are Manchester Plastic Surgery, we are particularly well-known rhinoplasty; Mr James Murphy has a solid reputation and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts in this type of surgery. He has carried out thousands of rhinoplasty treatments in his 20+ year career, so is perfectly placed to provide the information and advice you need to decide if rhinoplasty is right for you.

What’s involved in rhinoplasty?

During rhinoplasty surgery, your surgeon will make small incisions from within the nose which will then be sculpted into shape using the cartilage and bone. After surgery, nasal packs or soft plastic splints will be placed inside your nostrils to stabilise the dividing wall between the nasal passages. This is just a general overview, of course, the exact approach will depend on your particular physiology.

Rhinoplasty surgery typically takes two to three hours and involves an overnight stay at our state-of-the art hospital. Afterward surgery, you should expect to experience swelling and bruising and your nose and head may ache, though you will be offered pain killers to help reduce the impact. The swelling usually begins to subside after three or four days but can take a couple of weeks to settle. In that time, we recommend you avoid going to work though we will give you detailed instructions on when and how to gradually resume normal activities.

What is the cost of a rhinplasty?

The cost of a nose job at Manchester Plastic Surgery is in the region of £6,500. If you would like to explore whether rhinoplasty is right for you the starting point is to attend an initial consultation where we can assess what you wish to change about your nose, and give you a good idea of the results we are likely to be able to achieve, as well as an accurate cost. You will need a second in-depth consultation to plan your surgery. Several factors influence the end results of rhinoplasty, such as the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face and the condition of your skin.

If you have any questions at all about the cost of a nose job or any other procedure that we offer, please get in touch or book a consultation.

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