What questions should I ask my surgeon about facial surgery?

If you’ve researched facelift surgery and feel it may be the right option for you, the next step is to book an initial consultation with us. 

It is normal to feel slightly apprehensive ahead of your treatment, but we suggest asking some or all of the following questions at your consultation, to help get a feel for your surgeon and a better understanding of your treatment process. This will help you make the right decision and have complete peace of mind before you go ahead that cosmetic facial surgery is right for you. 


What is involved in a facelift?

When you’re considering a facelift, it’s important to understand what’s involved before, during, and after treatment so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. We find that often, being in possession of all the information can help patients to relax, as they feel fully prepared for the step they’re about to take. Like any cosmetic treatment, a facelift is a big investment of time and money, so you need to make sure you’re completely certain in your decision and confident in the surgeon you choose.


The most important thing you need to understand from your surgeon is what exactly will happen during your treatment process. Finding out answers to questions around the length of the surgery, the locations of incisions, possible scarring, and the process of anaesthesia can help you get a feel for your chosen treatment.


As there are multiple types of facelift surgery, including a face and neck lift and a mini facelift, discussing which treatment will be appropriate for you is extremely important to make sure your chosen surgery can address all your areas of concern. You can find out more about the different types of facelift here, though during your consultation with our aesthetic facial expert, Mr Adam Goodwin, you will receive honest advice on whether you are a good facelift candidate and which treatment (or combination of treatments) will be best for you. 


What are the risks associated with a facelift? 

As with any surgery, there are certain risks associated with facelift surgery. Your health should always be the main priority, so you must understand the risks of facelift surgery to ensure you make an informed decision. In your consultation, your surgeon will advise you about any risks and if you’re eligible for the treatment depending on any outstanding health conditions. 


What can I expect my facelift results to look like?

Before you commit to a facelift, you need to make sure you’re on the same page with your surgeon about your desired results and if these are achievable. At your consultation, ask your surgeon to see the before and after photos of previous facelift patients that you can look at. These will give you an indication of the results you can expect to see post-facelift, and may help to settle your nerves.

Mr Goodwin will always be open and honest with you in your consultation to set realistic expectations for natural results. Honest discussions about the details of your unique case will help you to trust that your surgeon understands what you want from your facelift and give you confidence they can achieve it. 


What can I do before and after surgery to see the best results?

Like any surgery, you will receive the best results and have a quick recovery providing your body is healthy and relaxed before you have your facelift. In your consultation, your surgeon will advise you on measures you can take in the weeks leading up to your treatment to ensure you’re well-prepared for a speedy, problem-free recovery. General advice will usually include a balanced diet, stopping smoking, and guidance on a range of vitamins you can take to help prepare your body. However, depending on your medical history, your surgeon may also provide more specific advice tailored to you. 


Following your treatment, there will of course be a recovery period: the length of which depends on which facelift surgery you have. Our expert aftercare team will advise you on your next steps and an expected timeframe for your healing. As with all cosmetic surgeries, we urge you to set aside a few days post-facelift to rest and recover. Other more specific advice will be given to you both in your consultation and after your treatment along with any prescribed medication and painkillers.


At Manchester Plastic Surgery, our expert aftercare team is always available via phone or email if you have any queries. 


Ask your questions!

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