Why Lockdown is the Best Time to Start Your Cosmetic Surgery Journey

Here at Manchester Plastic Surgery, we understand that for some people, choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery can be a big decision. Not only can it represent a significant financial investment, but it can also require a large investment of your time - especially when you factor in research, consultations, the treatment itself, and the recovery period; all of which are vital steps on your journey!

If you want to go ahead with treatment but are finding it difficult to get the timing right, rest assured this is a common issue for patients. Not only do many people choose to take time off work to let their body recover from surgery, but you may also wish to avoid social engagements with all but close friends, to avoid feeling uncomfortable or having to offer further explanation.

Here at Manchester Plastic Surgery, we always recommend that our patients take as much time as possible to rest and recuperate; where necessary suggesting that our patients move planned social events or demanding work schedules. Currently, the UK’s national lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 seems set to continue for the foreseeable future - which could mean this is the perfect time to go ahead with your treatment!

By scheduling your surgery during the lockdown, patients can allow themselves to rest and recover following their treatment, without the pressure of work, social commitments or fear that they may be unable to travel if required.

Returning to work

Following all our surgical treatments, there will be a short period for which you must remain at home to recover. However, if your surgery requires general anaesthetic or extensive incisions, there may also be a brief stage in your recovery where you will be unable to drive, requiring home-rest where possible.

For patients who are considering abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or a Mummy Makeover, the concept of being unable to drive can be a big concern, as it is typical for patients to take leave from work as they are unable to commute by car for 2-4 weeks. Many people feel concerned or unable to commit to that much time at home, off work and away from their usual daily routine, which can cause them to shy away from treatment or postpone it altogether.

However, since the implementation of the UK government’s latest lockdown restrictions (at the time of writing, the UK sits in a third national lockdown) the nation is restricted from much of our usual daily activities; spending a lot more time at home.
If the idea of pausing your daily routine to have cosmetic surgery was a concern - or perhaps even causing you to postpone your treatment - you no longer have to worry! With many of our daily considerations and obligations paused, cancelling several weeks’ worth of planned travel, activities or commutes no longer applies - leaving your schedule free to pursue your dreams of surgery.

With now the perfect time to recuperate stress-free, why not take the time to pursue your journey? Over the coming weeks, you will be able to contact our expert administrative teams, book your consultation, and schedule your treatment as soon as possible - letting you walk out of lockdown feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Of course, it is still important to take 2-3 days to rest and recover post-op, to ensure your body is able to recover from the treatment and anaesthetic. However, with a careful amount of planning, you could start your cosmetic journey in lockdown and still be able to return to work when restrictions are eased – without having to take an extended holiday from work.

Bruising & Scarring

Another common concern that some people have when considering surgery (especially when it comes to planning for facial treatments such as a rhinoplasty or facelift) is the possibility of short-term bruising and scarring. It is common for people to feel fear or embarrassment about going out in public or attending to day-to-day commitments knowing that their face may be bruised or swollen. For some, this fear can be enough to put them off cosmetic surgery for life!

If this sounds familiar - don’t worry. Since facial bruising generally takes around two weeks to heal, planning your surgery during lockdown will allow you the much-needed time to remain at home while you wait for any bruising or swelling to heal, so that when restrictions are lifted, you can go out into the world feeling confident in the new you.


Family and social commitments

Under normal circumstances, it can be difficult to time your treatment around other social commitments to give yourself enough time to recover. Of course, recovery times can vary from patient-to-patient and treatment-to-treatment. Nevertheless, for every surgery, there will be a recommended period where we suggest you remain at home and ask someone else to take care of you and your daily tasks. For many, finding a quiet period in a busy schedule of work and social commitments can be next to impossible – especially if you have dependents who rely on you for their care! However, with a much quieter social calendar for the months ahead, you can plan and schedule both your treatment and recovery time with very little disruption.

An added benefit of course is that with less stress and fewer commitments, your body will naturally heal quicker, as you spend time at home relaxing with your loved ones.

Start your cosmetic journey now

If you’ve been researching and considering having a cosmetic treatment for a while, but it’s just never seemed like the right time, then why not take advantage of the period of calm during this lockdown and begin planning your cosmetic journey? We remain open for consultations and surgeries, so complete the form below to kickstart your journey - and walk out of lockdown transformed.

And don’t worry, if you do choose to have your treatment with us during the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve adapted our processes to ensure that you can be safe and comfortable.

It’s our goal for you to have complete peace of mind that we’re taking all of the necessary precautions to look after your wellbeing while giving you the best results.

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