Will mole removal scars fade?

If you’re thinking of having a mole removed it’s understandable that you will want to know whether your scar will fade.  The short answer is: yes, it should eventually become barely noticeable.  

That said, it’s important to consider carefully the issue of scarring before you go ahead with mole removal surgery so that you make a properly informed decision about whether this treatment is right for you

Mole removal surgery and scarring

There is always a risk of scarring when you have any kind of surgery, and mole removal is no different.  

In many cases, this doesn’t pose too much of a problem, particularly if the mole site would usually be hidden by clothing.  However, if the mole is in a more prominent position, such as on the face, then scarring will be a bigger concern.

In most instances, patients are left with a small scar when they have a mole removed.  This is a good thing – it’s a sign that your body is healing itself.

The scar usually looks a little ‘angry’ in the immediate aftermath of surgery, but soon settles down after a few days. You should expect the scar to look red for a start, fading to pink as it heals.  Over time, the scar will turn to white and should eventually be barely visible to the extent that only you, or people who know you’ve had a mole removed, will notice it.


The healing process

Everyone’s body reacts differently to surgery so it’s difficult to say exactly how long the healing process will take.  Your age, the condition of your skin and the site of the mole will make a difference to the scar. However, you can help your body to heal well by following your aftercare instructions which our team will provide before you leave the clinic.  

Perhaps most importantly, you should avoid touching the mole site in the initial stages of recovery.  This will help you avoid dislocating the scab which could cause a larger area to scar. There is no need to use a scar cream, though if your wound feels a little itchy there is no harm in gently massaging the area around the scar, taking care not to pull the skin too much. You should also avoid stretching, so take it easy in the days after your surgery to ensure the area is not moved too much.  Avoiding touching the site where the mole was removed will also help reduce the chances of infection. 

Other than that, you should leave your wound alone as much as possible until your follow-up appointment where it will be checked by your surgeon to ensure it’s healing as expected.  


Concerns with healing

Complications during the healing process are rare, particularly if you’ve followed your aftercare instructions.  However, if you have any concerns at all after your treatment, you can get in touch with us for advice and support.

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