What are the benefits of a breast implant removal and lift?


If you are no longer happy with your breast implants you may be considering having them removed.  If this is the case, you may wish to consider having a breast implant removal and breast lift procedure combined.


This is particularly the case if you have had your breast implants for a long time – a decade or more – as you may find your body shape has changed. A breast lift procedure is likely to help you to maintain a more youthful appearance once your implants have been removed.

Of course, how you look once your implants are removed very much depends on your own physiology.  It’s best to seek the advice of one of our breast surgery specialists to determine whether a breast implant removal combined with breast lift will give you the best results.  We appreciate that the size and shape of your breasts makes a difference to your self-esteem, so we will provide you with the advice and guidance you need to make an informed decision about the right approach for you.


Where possible, we would recommend that you make a decision to have the breast lift procedure at the same time as the breast implant removal surgery as this would mean you have to have general anaesthetic once instead of twice, and you would not have to repeat the healing process.


If you’re not sure, you can have your breast implants removed and then see how you feel about the way you look once the healing process is complete.  If you would then like to go ahead with a breast lift treatment, that would be perfectly acceptable in most cases.


The surgery involves removing your original breast implants using the original incision sites where possible as this will reduce additional scarring.  Once the implants are removed we can then perform the breast lift which involves an anchor-shaped incision following the natural contour of the breast, or an incision around the nipple, extending to the groove beneath (the technique we use will depend on the size and shape of your breasts and the results you would like to achieve).  We then remove the excess skin and move the nipple and areola to a higher position.  


Once the surgery is complete, your breasts will be supported by adhesive tape and dressings and you will be provided with a soft support bra which you’ll need to wear 24/7 for around three weeks.  The stitches are usually absorbable and won’t need to be removed. You should be up and about after a day or two, but the healing can take several weeks, though varies from person to person.


Making the right choice

If you would like to discuss having breast implant removal with breast lift, please get in touch to book an initial consultation.


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