Close Vs Open Rhinoplasty - Which Is The Best Option?

If you’re unhappy with the size and/or shape of your nose, then rhinoplasty may be an option you wish to consider. When you attend your initial consultation we will advise whether open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty would work best for you. The right approach depends on your unique physiology and the results you’d like to achieve.


Open rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is better suited to those who would like to see a bigger change as it offers your surgeon the greatest access to your nose.


Closed rhinoplasty

If your results can be achieved with a closed procedure, however, we will always take that route to minimise the number of incisions you need and shorten your recovery time.


The difference in approach

During both types of rhinoplasty, two incisions are made inside each nostril. The open rhinoplasty treatment involves one additional incision on the underside of the nose so the skin can be peeled back to allow the surgeon to carefully sculpt the bone and cartilage to the required size and shape.


Why have rhinoplasty?

There are lots of different reasons for having rhinoplasty. It may be that you have always disliked your nose and it has got to the stage where it’s affecting your self-esteem and confidence. Or you may have suffered a facial injury which has affected the size and shape of your nose. Patients often use rhinoplasty to correct:

A nose which is too large, small or wide (ie not in proportion to the rest of the face)

  • Bump on the bridge
  • Bulbous or misshapen tip
  • Flared nostrils
  • Asymmetry


Recovering from rhinoplasty

Whether you have closed or open rhinoplasty, you will experience bruising and swelling which will generally take 2 – 4 weeks to settle down though it may take many months, perhaps up to a year, for the nose to settle into its final shape. In the immediate aftermath of surgery, you will be prescribed painkillers but these are usually only required for the first week.


Because the closed nose job involves one less incision, it does make the recovery slightly easier but in both instances, we’ll closely monitor you to ensure your recovery runs smoothly and you can return to normal life as quickly as possible.


Is rhinoplasty right for you?

Find out more about rhinoplasty by booking a consultation at Manchester Plastic Surgery. Our aim will be to provide you with tailored information and guidance that help you make an informed decision about whether rhinoplasty is right for you.

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