How We Achieve Natural-Looking Facelift Results

Most people want to undergo a facelift with only their nearest and dearest knowing it has happened! The overstretched look is many people’s biggest fears; we understand you want to look good for your age, you’re not trying to look 20 years younger than you actually are.


Unfortunately, facelifts receive bad press from time to time when celebrities have treatments which look unnatural. Cher, Joan Rivers, Madonna are all good examples of people who have taken their facelifts to the extreme.


We say this without judgement – their motivations to have this type of surgery are different to those of us who don’t live in the public eye.


But many people who would like a facelift do fear that their treatment will lead to equally unnatural results. All too often, this fear holds people back from having the surgery that would enhance their lives unequivocally. However, you should bear in mind that these celebrities set out to achieve dramatic results – their extreme facelifts are a deliberate choice.


This is good news for people looking for more natural results – facelifts can and should be much more subtle and in keeping with your natural ageing process.


When you come to Manchester Plastic Surgery for a facelift, you can be assured that we’ll help you achieve a more youthful and vital appearance, we won’t make you look like you’ve had plastic surgery with overstretched skin. As you will see when you review our before and after photos, natural-looking results are the goal for us.


So how do we achieve natural-looking results, and how can you be sure your surgeon shares your vision?


At your initial consultation, we’ll assess your skin and bone structure and seek to understand the picture you have in your mind about the end results you’d like to achieve. It’s usually possible to move and stretch the skin with your fingers to show the extent of the uplift and smoothing effect you’re after.


Once your surgeon understands what a good result looks like for you, they will be able to advise on the best approach and this will give you the assurance you need that you’ll have no regrets about your decision to have surgery with us.


Once you’ve recovered, we hope you’re able to face the world with renewed self-confidence and enjoy compliments from other people about how well you look. Ready to find out more? Book an initial consultation today.

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