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You may from time-to-time hear of new procedures and techniques for facelift surgery.  While people are willing to pay good money for faster results, there will certainly be no shortage of so-called miracle cures for wrinkles, saggy skin and other signs of ageing. 

6 Common Facelift Myths

A procedure currently in the limelight is known as the one-stitch facelift.  It’s a procedure which aims to lift the skin of the face and neck using only one stitch, though often patients have two, three or four stitches. 

The one-stitch facelift is steadily replacing what was known as the thread lift which involved small incisions behind the hairline and ear, but which can result in bruising and swelling. 

We are sometimes asked if we offer the one stitch facelift in Manchester. While the procedure is less invasive than a full or mini facelift, the results are usually less impactful and relatively short-lived. It may be appropriate for younger patients whose signs of ageing a less pronounced, but most people should consider the full or mini facelift to get the long-lasting results they want.

Mr Adam Goodwin, our plastic surgeon who specialises in facial procedures, says a one stitch facelift makes the whole concept of face-lifting sound easy, straightforward, painless and with a fast recovery. 

“Facelift results are a matter of degrees,” he says. “For the small group of young patients who have only a small degree of facial and neck descent, a simple less invasive technique may have some value.

“For the vast majority of patients, their ageing is more severe, hence why they have sought a discussion about face-lifting.

“Many of these patients, would love a simple easy technique in principle but would not appreciate the minimal improvement they are likely to see.

“As a result, in my opinion a ‘one stitch facelift’ or ‘thread lift’ which is another similar concept are unlikely to provide clear, long lasting satisfying results in the vast majority of patients. They are at odds with aesthetic surgery philosophy which is centred around predictable, safe, long-lasting and natural results for the large majority of patients.”

We offer a variety of facial surgery and non-surgical treatments here at Manchester Plastic Surgery.  You might like to read our post Can you have a face lift without surgery?

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